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Pregnancy depression as in its term means is having depression during pregnancy. Many have overlooked pregnancy depression as a pregnancy symptom or just mood swings due to hormonal changes in a pregnant women. And this situation could then lead to postpartum depression. Depression is the sad feeling or feeling of low self esteem or self worth that a person feels.  It can affect about 1 out of 10 women. Depression is a mood disorder and contributes moody attitudes, low self esteem, feeling helpless, excited, confused, sad and many other negative feelings which are unhealthy.

A woman suffering from pregnancy depression often will have depression associated with her pregnancy such as  being unhappy about her weight gain during pregnancy or worrying too much about the health of her baby. It is usually an exaggerated feeling of negative emotions and thoughts. It is an illness like any other illness and it can be treated if diagnosed or spotted early and getting the appropriate treatments and support to counter the problem. If not spotted and treated early, the problem can escalate thus aggravating the situation and may contribute to more serious and dangerous situations which may even be life threatening to the mother and baby.

Depression that occurs during pregnancy are often triggered by the changing hormones of a pregnant women. The unbalance hormones affect the brain chemicals which is related to the depression.

After being triggered by the changing hormones, depression can be worsen by the problems of different life situations that the mother is facing at that time, for example being a single mum, fear of losing the baby due to past miscarriages, financial problems or even relationship problems. Hence pregnancy depression arises.

Signs of pregnancy depression

Losing interest in doing anything even an activity once enjoyed.

An increase or lost in appetite which is noticeable.

Feeling sad most of the time for no reason.

Inability to concentrate to do anything.

Having feelings of guilt, worry, anxiety and confusion.

Feeling sleepy all the time or unable to sleep.

Keeps having thoughts of wanting to suicide and death.

Unwilling to socialise or engage in any activities.

If a pregnant women experiences any of the symptoms for at about 2 weeks or more then it is a sign of depression.

Other than the fact that the changing hormones in a pregnant women’s body triggers the brain chemicals that causes depression there are also other external factors that you can spot to know what triggers a depression.

Other factors that contribute to depression during pregnancy

Financial problems

Relationship problems

Facing some other kind of stress

Worry for the pregnancy due to previous experience of miscarriage

Having complications in the pregnancy

Has a family history or personal history of depression

Has had an experience of abuse of faced a traumatic experience before.

Being aware of the existence of these problems and being able to spot the changes that arise in your beloved ones’ character or behaviour is crucial to help spot pregnancy depression and thus overcoming the ordeal.

Effects of pregnancy depression.

If pregnancy depression is left untreated it will give arise to complications for both mother and baby. The pregnant mother who is suffering from depression will have poor nutrition in her diet. She could also resort to smoking, drinking alcohol or even have suicidal thoughts. These negative actions will have further effects to the baby such as premature birth or developmental problems.

Additionally, after birth the baby, the mother will not be in an ideal condition to care for the newborn as she herself is in need of attention. It has also been noted that babies that are born to depressed mothers, are more cranky and agitated if comparing to those whose mothers are not depressed.

Treatments of pregnancy depression.

The first step to treating pregnancy depression is acknowledging that you or your loved ones is suffering from it.

A person with pregnancy depression is advised to attend support groups meant for them and their condition. By being involved in support groups, the affected mother can have positive encouragements and learn from other people’s experiences thus able to overcome it better.

Another way is to have a psychotherapy. Yes it may sound harsh to some but it is one of the ways to cure pregnancy depression as it is in fact a mental illness. No you are not crazy but you need to get assistance through this form to overcome this problem.

The last treatment method is taking medication. Medication is often prescribed by the doctors to those who are quite severe in depression. It helps to stabilise their condition but not cure it. Medication is accompanied with attending support groups too or having private sessions of psychotherapy.

The moral support from family members is an important essence and number one treatment method in the curing process of those having depression. Being surrounded by loved ones and having their help and support is the primary pillar of strength that can cure affected mothers. With the attention, support and love she receives, will majorly determine how well she can recover. The affected mother can attend many support groups and sessions of psychotherapy or eat the best medication in the world to treat depression however it would be useless without the love and support of her loved ones that is a key factor in her overcoming pregnancy depression.

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